Shipping Information

Our shipping times are dependent on your location and the product. We support sustainable production and therefore only print or order your item when once you have made your order. This significantly reduces waste and also ensures we can offer a great range and pricing globally. All our printed items are designed in Australia (by me fellow aerialist and aerial lover!) and production is in the following countries:

 Region Production Approximate delivery times printed apparel
Australia and New Zealand Australia 3 - 7 business days
United States United States 2- 5 business days
United Kingdom United Kingdom 3 - 7 business days
Europe Germany 5 - 15 business days
Canada Canada 3 - 7 business days
Rest of the World United States 10 - 30 business days


Our jumpsuits / unitards are sent directly from our suppliers and shipping will range from 5 - 20 working days, however most orders are delivered within 2 weeks.

Please ensure that you are viewing your local country page as this will automatically display products printed in your region.